New, Preloved, or Anything Unwanted, Sell It Now!

New, Preloved, or Anything Unwanted, Sell It Now! Buy N Sell City is where we take what you’ve got to sell – From precious jewelry, and vintage articles to something from a techy’s table and a golf cabinet – everything’s welcome here!
Get the best bargain for you, and sell instantly to us!

Low on Budget, A Collector or Badly Need It But Cant Find it? Buy Here!

Buy N Sell City is more than just a seller’s heaven, we are a haven for the buyers too! From classic gaming consoles, the latest gaming audio systems, preloved jewelry, and best used electronic equipment – We have it at the best price, almost half of the market retail!

Bang for A Buck Comes True with Buy N Sell City

Get More, Spend Less, or Get the Best Price for Your Products!

As a vetted business in the industry, since our inception in 2001, we’ve served countless clients (both buyers and sellers). Old is gold, as they say, but we buy gold and diamonds too, so you can find us to your aid when selling absolutely anything – your prized golf collection, vintage sound records, home theatre systems, car stereos, DIY tools, power equipment, any other electronic items, and much more!
At Buy N Sell City, we’re a thrift-buyers paradise – However, this is something that would keep you on your toes. First come first served fits perfectly on the “our products” section of our website – countless products are single items and you’re in a race against countless buyers waiting to buy the best bargain products from us – one day you could see an item listed, the next hour it’s gone! In short, with us it’s a win-win for everyone, as a seller you get the best price and if you’re a buyer we give you the best bargain.

Why Buy N Sell with Us?

Best Deals

Great pricing structure works both ways – As a seller, you get the best deal for a product you’re selling & as a buyer you can get what you’re looking for at approx. half the price!

Tested Products

Products, new and used are tested to ensure functionality – Our team of electronics specialists run functionality, operational and quality assurance to guarantee usability!

30-Days Warranty

A majority of our products are preloved and used - We sell them only after checking them, our 30 Dyas Warranty works to ensure that you are satisfied and claims may be catered from the date of purchase.

Buy-Back Program 30 days

Short on cash and don’t want to sell anything? We’ll buy your product against its value in cash and you may buy it back when you’re able to pay the amount back!